Can you wait while your automotive is serviced?
Yes, of course. Generally we encourage our customers to arrive at the beginning of the work day, but we understand that your schedule doesn't always permit an early arrival. For those times we offer a customer lounge that includes wireless internet, television and refreshments. Please let us know when you make an appointment if you prefer to wait.

Transportation drop offs

If a family member or a co-worker is unavailable to assist you when you are leaving your car, Enterprise Rent A Car or Style Taxi is always available. If you need a rental, let us know when you are scheduling your appointment and we will be happy to call Enterprise and make arrangements for you.

How often should you change your oil?
Frequent oil services help maintain the longevity of your car. It also allows our mechanics to check your car over for safe operation and to alert you of any repairs you made need in the future.

Synthetic engine oil automobiles should have oil changes every 5000 miles

Non synthetic engine oil automobiles should have the oil changes every 3000 miles.

Are extended warranties worth purchasing?
The answer is yes and no. When and if you purchase an extended warranty make sure you read all the fine print and understand what amount of the coverage you are paying for. A lower level, less expensive coverage policy may not cover very much when you really need it. If you purchase an extended warranty BEFORE your manufacture's warranty expires you will be able to get better coverage at a lower price. Shop around. Make sure you are purchasing and extended warranty from a reputable company.

What to do before you purchase a used automobile
The most important task you can do before purchase a used car is to have inspected by a qualified mechanic. You've heard the phrase "You cant judge a book by its cover". Almost any automobile can look nice with a fresh wash and wax. Its important to make sure that mechanically the car is safe and sound.

We perform a pre-purchase inspection that will help with peace of mind before making such an important purchase. our inspection will give you a more in-depth insight on the car from CarFax Report. A CarFax Report will inform you about the car based on stats compiled from insurance companies information. It does not keep track of maintenance performed on the vehicle or any small body work that may have not been reported to an insurance company.

We will perform a complete evaluationon the condition of the vehicle. We will test drive the vehicle. We will check for any signs of body damage or repair. We will check the undercarriage and the enginefor any needed repairs or signs of future repair you will want to ne aware of so that you can plan accordingly. We will also retrieve any fault codes that may be in the system that are not causing a check engine light to be on. We also will prepare an itemized list of any needed repairs included estimated costs to assist you in either proper negotiations with either a dealership or an individual.